Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stolen North

I wanted to tell you how my daddy, Buck, used to live down south. Daddy lived in Santa Clara Valley with the Judge. He had horses to play with and grass to run on. He swam, he hunted, and protected the girl people when they went rambling. It was 1897, and if daddy could read - he would have known what was happening up North. He spent time with Manuel, not knowing that Manuel would betray his trust. Manuel stole him away and took him to a bad place. The men beat daddy and choked him until he had to give in. They took him to a ship called the Narwahl. He saw money go hand-to-hand and realized the dogs were being sold. He liked Curly, a Newfoundland.

But the big fuzzy white dog from Spitzenberg he didn't like much.

The Narwahl sailed until they reached Dyea Beach. White stuff was falling from the sky.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sniffing out Gold

Everyone here is looking for gold. That's why all the dogs are here. We help the people.

Credit: Free photos from acobox.com

Family Pictures

Here is part of my family. They are a happy bunch.

Credit: Free photos from acobox.com